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Delay with timers(Non blocking delay)

Hi,I need  microsec/millisec delay  in my project but I don't want to effect the process flow.I am using STM32G4.I am using timer for microseconds delay below is the function.void delay_us (uint16_t us){__HAL_TIM_SET_COUNTER(&htim1,0); // set the cou...

Resolved! RNG does not work after waking up from the stop mode

Hello,My MCU is STM32L053R8I use freeRTOS project generated by CubeMX.The problem is happening only  when I enable tickless sleep. I get only one correct reading, which is probably generated right after MX_RNG_Init. Then after the sleep, I always get...

Evgeny M by Associate II
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STM32H723ZG AZURE RTOS - Hard Fault Error Regarding

As we are using STM32H723ZG-CT6 for our Medical project. We are using STM's Complement to STMH7 series - Azure RTOS for our project. We were runs totally 8 threads, during the running time of threads Hard fault error is coming and our controller stop...

Screenshot 2023-11-27 190422.png
rkuma.21 by Associate II
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Uart to int conversion

Hi im hoping someone can help me, honestly it might be a easy thing to do, however i have been cracking my brain around this and can't seem to get it to work. uint8_t Rx_data[6] = {0}; HAL_UART_Receive(&huart1, Rx_data, 6, 1000);printf("%s\n", Rx_dat...

VYada.3 by Associate II
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안녕.HAL_UART_Emul_Receive_DMA 및 HAL_UART_Emul_Transmit_DMA를 사용하고 있습니다.1Byte R/W를 시도 중입니다. stm32 go Error_Handler();코드를 어떻게 변경해야 하나요? 감사합니다. 

JLee.21 by Associate II
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I2C Fast Mode Plus, 1 Mb/s

I have an STM32H563 communicating on I2C4 @ 1 MHz (fast-mode plus) to an I/O expander with no problem. However when I add a temp sensor (TI TMP175) to the same bus, communication doesn't work for the TMP175. The TMP175 communicates > 400 KHz only if ...

mccabehm by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H563 Flash Erase Program sample fails in Keil

I create sample code for FLASH Erase Program on both mdk arm and stm32cubeide. Using the sample hardware(stm32h563ZITx develop board), the sample code runs correctly on stm32cubeide, but will enter Error hander when doing Flash operation in keil debu...

Ehow by Associate II
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ADC input disturbed by PWM

I'm having an issue with my STM32F303RE. I'm using CubeMX to initialize ADC1_IN1 as single ended on PA0, and PWM generation on TIM2_CH1 on PA15. Unfortunately, PA0 will OUTPUT a voltage roughly proportional with the duty cycle of the PWM on PA15, i.e...

kristblo by Associate
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Resolved! Enabling USB Device CDC on Nucleo F303ZE

I have a Nucleo F303ZE and enabled USB Device middleware along with the USB 'Device FS' Connectivity.  I also configured the CDC_SET_LINE_CODING and CDC_GET_LINE_CODING  functions in USB_DEVICE/App/usbd_cdc_if.c I connect a USB cable to the STLink co...

LMorr.3 by Senior
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