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STM32 to StM32 with SPI

I know there are hundreds of posts about this and I've been through most of them but still can't get things to work.The concept is simple: set up 2 Nucleo F446 boards, one as full duplex slave the other as full duplex slave.Master pseudo code:while 1...

Resolved! Unable to Use USB while using CAN in STM32F103

 I am using CAN peripheral and for debugging I am using USB-CDC to receive the status of the CAN transfers and Reception. The issue I am facing is The USB was recognized as Virtual Port when Only USB was initialized and used but when Implemented with...

USB Host Version Upgrade

Hi I am trying to run FREERTOS enabled USB CDC Host on my device having STM32F756 MCU.My firmware package version is v1.17.1 which I think is the latest version for the F7 series. For this what is the latest version USB CDC Host Drivers which is supp...

Rachit1 by Associate
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[STM32H562RG] Simpler SPI transmission

Hello, I measured my SPI transmission takes ~600 CPU cycles @ 250MHz, so it's about 2,5us to transmit 2x 8-bit array.I'm using HAL (cube IDE). How can I speed it up? I need to make 4 transmissions like this, so it's ~10us. I need it to work with I2S,...

sebxx4 by Associate II
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Is IS25LP064D supported to work on STM32U5 series.

Hi, im trying to work on external Flash with filex and levelx, and the external flash chip is "IS25LP064D ". i was trying to configure the OSPI, in the memory type other than micron, macronix, AP memory and Macronix RAM. I'm not able to see any other...

meghasb by Senior
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Selecting RTC Internal wakeup line

Hi everyone!I have an u585 related question:Can I configure RTC internal wakeup line other than PWR_WAKEUP_PIN7_HIGH_3 ?In all u5xx examples used this line, but We have an external wakeup source on  PB.15.I can't change it in CubeMX and I can't find ...

ccuebler by Associate II
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测试故障如下:1. 故障现象:不上数据,不能进入网页; 测试步骤:1.拆回设备2.通过网络连接网络拾音器网络1,能ping通,进入不了网页。连接网络拾音器网络2.能ping通,能进入网页,设置完IP准备连接服务器,发现网页有连接不上了4.通过串口看,发现程序没有跑起来。通过反复上电,发现程序每次跑的结果不一样,有时一上电就死机,有怀时能跑几士秒5.好、坏板子互换芯片(stm32),坏板子更换序号为0x42-0x00-0x35-0x01-0x57-0x46的芯片,工作24小时一直正常。好板子更换0...