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Resolved! Failed attempt on using 2 Timers to Toggle GPIO.

Hello , I have initialized two timers , Timer3 and Timer9. Im using Timer9 with 137uS period , setting my gpio pin high , starting Tim3 Interrupt with 54uS period for now .When Tim3 Interrupt occurs I simply reset my gpio pin.My problem is that I sho...

PWM Actual.jpeg PWM_Orginal.png
Oahme.1 by Associate III
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UART in Interrupt mode Stuck??

Hello all,I'm using STM32 F103CBT6 MCU on a custom board where MAXRS485 is used. Rx and Tx of the Modbus chip is connected to USART1 on the MCU.To receive and Transmit data I'm using UART in interrupt mode. The program also has 8 GPIO interrupts on m...

GSaw by Associate II
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ADC and TIMer callbacks

Hi Can anyone help me understand the difference betweena) writing control loop and obtaining ADC values in HAL_ADC_ConvCpltCallback with ADC ISRsinstead ofb) writing control loop and obtaining ADC values in HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback using TIMER I...

VidhiPa by Associate II
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Resolved! Maximum external clock frequency for STM32H5 timers

What is the maximum clock source frequency can I use as an external clock for timer?I have a 20MHz source and PLL frequency made out of this source. The purpose - generate lower frequency pulses that synchronous to that 20MHz clock with controlled de...

2 channel PWM with 90 degree phase shift it possible to create such a two channel pwm with any timer?(in output compare mode the falling edge of the first channel overlaps on rising edge of the second channel overlaps, but its not good for my purpose) thanks.

SEMad by Associate III
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