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2 channel PWM with 90 degree phase shift it possible to create such a two channel pwm with any timer?(in output compare mode the falling edge of the first channel overlaps on rising edge of the second channel overlaps, but its not good for my purpose) thanks.

SEMad by Associate III
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Incorrect address of TIM1 in STM32NUCLEOF302R8

Recently while using the TIM1 feature in NUCLEOF302R8(DOCUMENT NUMBER:DS9896), I've found that the address was wrong in the datasheet but the address of TIM1 in SFR is correct when I tried the address in SFR's It worked.   I'll list the findings that...

SFR TIM1.png TIM1 addr_pages-to-jpg-0001.png

Trigger a dma spi communication by timer

Hi I like to find out How i can start a spi communication with DMA by a timer i tried to search a lot on google for this but didnt found any solution for the SPL and a F4.My Problem is i try to read out a ADC connected to SPI 1 very fast first i trie...

SKrau by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H723VG using Timer outputs as GPIO Output

Hi community!I have a STM32H723VG and I use Timer1 on that device to generate complementary PWM Outputs (Chx + ChxN) on channel 1-3 plus a 1-channel PWM on Channel 4. When the PWM is not needed, I have to set the output pins of the timer either high ...

CBerg by Associate III
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How to Reset STM32 Timer Internal Trigger Connections

I'm using the STM32H735 to create a sequence of PWM signals. I have timers TIM1, TIM2, TIM4, and TIM24 all connected in a slave timer chain. TIM1 triggers TIM2 with ITR0. TIM2 triggers TIM4 with ITR1, and TIM4 triggers TIM24 with ITR3. Each link in t...

JAitc.1 by Associate II
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STM32H745 - Encoder Mode Not Counting

I am trying to interface the STM32H747 with a quadrature encoder-equipped motor to track linear movement. When moving forward, I expect the counter to increment. When moving backwards, I expect the counter to decrement. To do this, I have configured ...

LZ_FS by Associate
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Resolved! L431 debug stops after enabling timer update interrupt

Hi all, I have encountered a problem where the debug would stop working as soon as the program hits the line where TIM15's update interrupt is enabled. From there the program appears to be still running but would not stop at any breakpoints and live ...

ZJing by Associate III
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Flexible SPI clock frequency

Hi,We have a need for arbitrary SPI clock frequencies. I looked at ~10 families and most STM32 micro-controllers seem to be limited to prescalers that divide the PCLK by a power of two. I found the STM32H7 but it is wildly over-specified for our appl...

pietrow by Associate
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Resolved! Changing PWM frequency with potentiometer

Hi everyone, I am trying to generate PWM signal and change it's frequency with a potentiometer. I have connected an LED to the PWM output and it blinks only a few times and then stops. Sadly, I don't have an osciloscope to check the signal.I am using...

MS.23 by Associate II
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