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Resolved! Chip select pin for SPI

I want to communicate with STM32f427 processor and 3 sensors via SPI. I want to use only SPI1 line. I need 3 chip select pins. There are 2 SPI1_NSS pins on the datasheet of the processor. What can I use as 3 CS pins? Is any GPIO pin suitable?


Can any one confirm that STM32G030k8 MCUs can be implemented for DALI-2 lighting.Is the memory works.

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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B-U585I-IOT02A StopMode power consumption issue

Hello, I'm trying to use the stm32u5 585 and I'm having a bad time trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I am getting about 1.2mA in stop mode 2 when I should be getting around 8.95+ uA.I've disabled all SRAM and everything else in the PWR sect...

MrAzn69 by Associate II
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B-U585I-IOT02A Ethernet (MQTT) not available

I am searching for a way to establish a ethernet connection on STM32 B-U585I-IOT02A Discovery board, for communicating with MQTT brocker. I am using Visual Studio Code, with Platformio (Arduino FrameWork).Do you have any suggestions / working example...

Elli-M by Associate
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Resolved! Unable to Connect to a Custom H725RGV6 Board

Hi all, recently I made a board with H725RGV6, but when I tried to flash a test firmware for the first time, I got " Error: No STM32 target found! If your product embeds Debug Authentication, please perform a discovery using Debug Authentication" fro...