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Resolved! Function return value problem to the FreeRTOS task

Hi All!I'm doing a project on the STM32F429 discovery board.In this project, I've used the TouchGFX.Also, I'm using the FreeRTOS. The idea is to read the Temperature sensors and read their values to the TextAreas in TouchGFX.TouchGFX was tested and w...

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USolar by Associate III
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Resolved! I2C and SPI at the same time?

Hi. I'm not a English speaker. Sorry for my poor English.​My code including EITHER I2C or SPI works successfully on STM32F303K8T6 Nucleo Board. However, with my code including BOTH I2C and SPI , Only SPI functions work correctly ,but I2Cs don't.​Usin...

Are there any documentations about FSMC layout?

I am now designing a board for STM32F103VET6 and would like to use the FSMC to control the TFT LCD (320x480 resolution)May I ask if there are any notes or guides that mention the layout requirements? Such as what conductor impedance should the data l...

OW1TY2 by Associate II
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Resolved! VREF+ exceeding VDDA during power on/off

I'm trying to understand the following excerpts from the STM32L476 datasheet, which seem to contradict:In Table 20 - the absolute maximum voltage on the VREF+ pin is given as 4.0V (VREF+ I assume falls under the "other" category). Table 76 seems to i...

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How to connect a STM32F4xxxRE on a custom PCB

Hello,This is the first time I've designed a PCB with a stm32. I found a PDF on the internet that gives me an example of a Nucleo connection but I'm not sure if my schematic is correct.I don't need all the headerts or the usb connection (I'll be usin...

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Paulo971 by Associate II
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STM32U535 Backup registers access wait states

Hi all, I am running into an issue related to writing backup registers on the STM32U535xx MCU. When I compile my code with -Oz, the write fails, whereas with -Os, it succeeds. The relevant C code is pretty straightforward:LL_PWR_EnableBkUpAccess();LL...

GeertL by Associate II
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Program stm32F745 via RS-485 and bootloader

Hello everyoneIs it possible to program my STM32F745 via RS-485 using the integrated bootloader?My idea is using USART1 (as written in the AN2606) and a transceiver to do that. Has anyone done something similar? Thank you very much in advanced. Best ...

ADC Rank starts at 2 on 1st conversion

Tools:STM32CubeIDE: Version: 1.14.1 Build: 20064_20240111_1413 (UTC)TM32CubeMX: Version: 6.10.0-RC9 Build: 20231120-2037 (UTC) OS:Linux Lmint21 Hardware:STM32H743 I set up ADC3 in CubeMx to enable scan on Internal Temperature and VBat and set the DMA...