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Resolved! Setting Encoder functionality on STM32F407VE vs STM32F103C8

Setting the encoder functionality on STM32F103C8 is straight forward, just set the registers that's due. But on STM32F407VE it seems more tricky: using PA6 and PA7 on TIM3, if you follow what is said in the RM0090, page 616, you're not ready to go:Fu...

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I try to setup the PB0 for PWM mode to drive a LED.When I use the TIM3_CH3, it is working with the following code.But it does not work for TIM8_CH2N.I suppose something to do with the "N" but could not find out what in HAL code should be changed.TIM_...

Using DAC output for class D audio amplifier

I'm wondering what would be an ideal circuit to connect a very simple 2-4W class D audio amplifier to a DAC output of an STM32 MCU.My goal is to be able to play some WAV files using build-in DAC of STM32F051.I found an amplifier TDA2822G-S08-R, took ...

Resolved! Correct order of using HAL_ADC_RegisterCallback function

Dear ST Community,as part of a project to capture analog microphone data, I would like to use my own callback funtions instead of hal callbacks. For this I register my ADC callbacks with the HAL function HAL_ADC_RegisterCallback as follows:/*********...

Rookie38 by Associate III
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