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STM32L552, relocate IRQ Vector Table

We are porting code from a STM32L4P5, where we relocate the IRQ VEctor Table with  memcpy(g_RamVectorTable, g_pfnVectors, sizeof(g_RamVectorTable)); __HAL_SYSCFG_REMAPMEMORY_SRAM();    // not implemented on STM32L5xxthat works fine, but as commented ...

mluerkens by Associate III
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High frequency DAC signal generation

Hi, i am working on signal wave generation on the STM32L053 Discovery kit. I'd like to see the maximum frequency of signal generation (a sinus with 100 samples using DMA). But the problem is : i cannot reach over ~20kHz, which is not even in the ultr...

JFric by Associate II
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STM32G031F6P UART TX DMA Problem.

Hi guys.I am using STM32G031F6P MCU and i want to use UART TX with DMA in slave mode. But it is not working. RS485 line is always busy. I am using RS485 transceiver (SN65HVD37DR). If i use normal (not DMA) transmit mode, it is working. Code and cubem...

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ABURM by Associate III
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How to config FT231XS for STML451 on my board

I have a FT231XS on my board and a STML451. I would like to communicate over Uart to STM. So i need the FT231XS as USB to UART converter. My software works with NUCLEOL425RE, so when i send some strings over a Serial Port i can receive it immediately...

SMilo.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! 8bit in struct is allocated 32bit in memory

Hello,I am a newbie in struct.I have a struct declaration below.typedef struct __serial_data { uint8_t frameStart; uint32_t data; } serial_data;   serial_data mydata[25];but frameStart is allocated 32bit in memory and this causes trouble when sendi...

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Call HAL_ADC_GetValue at any time.

I am using the ADC on an STM32 microcontroller.The ADC is operated in ContinuousConvMode.Can I start it with HAL_ADC_Start and query it at any time with HAL_ADC_GetValue?Or may HAL_ADC_GetValue only be used if it is ensured that the ADC is not curren...

mfrank9 by Associate III
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Code won't run without pressing reset button

My code runs without issue when the STM Nucleo is connected to the laptop, but if I try to run it without connection to PC, I have to press the reset button before the code will run.I am using STM32CubeIDE and cannot find a solution relevant to that ...

IPrin.1 by Associate II
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