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Resolved! STM32L4 : Using a part of QSPI external Flash Memory as a frequently updated data log, accessible by a PC with USB MSC (Faisability demand)

Hello everyone,I'm working on a STM32L4 project which embeds a QSPI external Flash Memory (not yet sourced but doesn't matter).This QSPI Flash Memory would be splitted into 2 parts, one for TouchGFX Images and one for 10MB Filesystem. This FS will ha...

MLair.1 by Associate III
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Bugs in STM32G4, RM0440 Rev 7 for FDCAN

Bugs in STM32G4, RM0440 Rev 7 for FDCAN:1)STM32G4, RM0440 Rev 7  44.3.3 Message RAM.It is written on the page 1953:"In case of multiple instances the RAM start address for the FDCANn is computed by endaddress + 4 of FDCANn-1, and the FDCANn end addre...

AVasi.11 by Associate II
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Resolved! Using of LPUART1 on L031K6

I'm trying to receive data from the LPUART1 serial port on the L031K6 development board.Unfortunately all my aproaches failed so far.Sending data works fine in all three modes:BlockingNon-Blocking ITNon-Blocking DMAI'm routing the LPUART1 to PA2 and ...

Interrupts in EEPROM emulation(AN3969)

I'm trying to implement "AN3969 EEPROM emulation in STM32F40x/STM32F41x microcontrollers" on STM32F407.According to the documentation, "Interrupt servicing during program/erase is possible".However, when actually installed, interrupts stop completely...

UpStream by Associate II
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