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Resolved! STM32H7: Multiple Push Button Interrupts

Hello,I am looking to implement multiple push buttons (7, specifically) that are used to turn certain features ON/OFF on a front panel. For example:PB1 = LED ON/OFFPB2 = DC Power ON/OFFPB3 = AC Power ON/OFFetc.My current plan for my custom board to d...

KMew by Senior III
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I have a button connected to STM32F405. I am using external interrupt with the button. Inside the callback of the external interrupt I am sending a command to retrieve some data from another microcontroller as a loop. But I am receving only data once.

void HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback(uint16_t GPIO_Pin) { if(GPIO_Pin == GPIO_PIN_10) { for(volatile int j = 0; j<3000; j++) { char Txbuffer = "Read\n"; HAL_UART_Transmit_IT(&huart2, (uin...

cjaya.1 by Associate II
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Can a variable be locked at hardware level ?

I changed out of curiosity the max speed variable of my car ECU from 250Km/h to 60Km/h to see if the car reach that speed and hold there or I can go beyond and get a notification but it turns out that I cannot exceed that limit.Now, I'm unable to get...

Vertinhol by Associate III
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STM32U5 sometimes does not reconfigure IWDG.

At startup, I set the watchdog timer to 8 seconds.IWDG->KR = IWDG_KEY_ENABLE; IWDG->KR = IWDG_KEY_WRITE_ACCESS_ENABLE; IWDG->PR = IWDG_PRESCALER_64; // 8 s IWDG->KR = IWDG_KEY_WRITE_ACCESS_DISABLE;Further, in the interrupt, when the button is pressed...

Sheller by Associate
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Trigger out and ADC using timer TRGO

Hello ST Community,I have a question about the way to trigger out an ADC using internal timer TRGO, i would like to use an STM32L4 or STM32U5 for this function, so i'm using an External Time Reference (ETR) signal and i would like to know if there is...

ABD74 by Associate
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Implementation of Dali DT8 Protocol

I would be very grateful if anyone has information about setting up the Dali DT8 4Channel protocol and can guide me.And does anyone know that DiiA standard certificate is given by ST company to buyers who want to use Dali protocol? In other words, is...

HRTIM center-aligned mode with 100% duty?

Is it possible to achieve 100% duty cycle on HRTIM using center-aligned mode?when HRTIM1->sTimerxRegs[5].CMP1xR = 2124 (PERIOD-1), the duty is almost 100% end when HRTIM1->sTimerxRegs[5].CMP1xR = 2125, the duty drops to zero. As per the code below, ...

Asantos by Senior
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