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No device found on target error while dumping customized code for second time in STM32H735uC

Associate II


     I have an application code(Call it as Code-1). I able to dump it into my custom STM32H735  board through ST-LINK V3 MINIE. But when i try to dump same code for second time, it showing below error,

" Target no device found"

Error in Initializing ST Link Device.

Reason: NO device found on target."

I have 2nd board, Field working code(Code-2). I Can able to dump this Code-2  into 2nd board multiple times. But when i tried to dump Code-1 into 2nd board, for first time i able to dump it. When i tried for 2nd time it showing same error as shown above.

I understand that the Code-1 modified SWD pin configurations(unintentionally), due to which second time ST Link is being not detected.

How to solve this problem?? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance,