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Resolved! Weird behavior at HAL_GPIO function. Why the microcontroller is unable to set some pins after execute HAL code assertion statement?

I was running and debugging a part of my application on a stm32F207zg microcontroller.Microcontroller is on a custom PCB that is in validation process.This part of application has to set or clear 16 gpios configured as output.If they are initialized ...

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genisuvi by Associate III
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Resolved! How to make a PWM of 13.9ns pulse width with HRTIM?

Hello ST community,I use a STM32F3348 DISCO board (STM32F334C8Tx MCU) and I would like to realize a PWM with a period of 4µs (250 000 Hz) and a pulse width of 13,9ns. I tried first with the TIM1 and then with the HRTIM but in both cases I can't reduc...

PMach.2 by Associate II
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Optimizing ADC DMA transfert and IRQ latency

Hello,I have the following config:STM32H743- Core 400MHz- AXI/AHB 200MHz- ADC clocked by the PLL at 144MHz, then divided by 4 (async mode) => 36MHz- TIM15 trigering ADC conversionsADC1 in scan mode converting 2 channels in scan mode. Data sent to SRA...

tarzan by Associate II
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Implementation of a STM32 in transparent mode to flash another UART-connected STM32. What UART configurations and timing should be setting to implement this feature in STM32 in transparent mode?

I have one Master STM32 connected over UART to a Linux MPU and also connected over another UART to a Slave STM32.My purpose is to set the Slave STM32 in bootloader and flash from the MPU the application in the Slave STM32, the Master STM32 is in the ...

vincent by Associate II
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HAL_FMPI2C_Mem_Read_IT() in library "stm32f4xx_hal_fmpi2c.c" claims to be "Read an amount of data in non-blocking mode with Interrupt", yet behaves as a blocking call. Where am I going wrong?

My understanding of a non-blocking function is that the function will return immediately, and it is up to you to use a callback or other method to collect the data. With FreeRTOS it's not difficult.Yet HAL_FMPI2C_Mem_Read_IT() seems to hang around an...

Mike xx by Associate III
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