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Resolved! 2 channels of DMA won't work

Hello, I'm trying to use 2channels of DMA , one for PWM in timer1 and one for reading adc1 using timer3 .dma c2 should give ccr the amount from a uint string[1000](which i deleted from this code for simplifiing to be easier to read) and dma c1 for r...

ap.1 by Associate II
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STM32L151CCT6 Freezes when enabling HSI

I have an application where we have the mentioned MCU using the HSI passing through the PLL to achieve 32 MHz on the main clock. But we noticed that the MCU freezes after executing the instruction for enabling the HSI, and as this is an internal circ...

VLe R.1 by Associate II
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OctoSPI Polling Sends too many bytes

I've got my OctoSPI interface working for NOR reads and writes, but Auto-polling is sending too many bytes. The Data Length Register (DLR) is set to 0, for one byte of data, but I get the instruction plus two bytes. If I set the DLR to 1, I get...

Resolved! STM32F207 access data to beyond flash size

I have STM32F207ZE and made a project that read and write data to flash memory.​STM32F207ZE flash size is 512Kbyte.but I tried writing data to a 0x80E0000 address(flash sector 11), it worked.​Surprisingly, the STM32CubeProgrammer can also has access ...

rndkd1 by Associate
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Allocated memory corrupted in Interruptroutine?

Hello Community,I'm developing a program for a STM32 L051R6T6 with CubeIDE.on bare metal, using HAL driver functions.It reads some cyclic data from two USARTS using DMA.The maincycle does processing of the rxTelegrams, transmits and does some logging...

TheaArt by Associate III
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