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STM32WL55 - ADC conversion time

Hello everyone!I'm working on STM32WL55JCI7 board and trying to run ADC at the fastest speed (min total conversion time mention on datasheet 0.4uSec) and I don't receive this time.My configuration is the following:And to measure total time of convers...

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Resolved! Debugging STM32f405 using Nucleo board .

Hello Team,I debug STM32F405 on my custom PCB using nucleo board and STLink utility software.Now, I have added a digital isolator on my PCB , and the STM32F405 MCU is powered by the isolated  3.3v supply & ground  of the isolator.Now, the Nucleo boar...

SMour.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem with UART communication functions.

All these functions have one problem, let's say in this function HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart4, data,5);the third parameter is the number of transmitted characters.If you enter more or less characters in the COM port of the terminal than specified in t...

MMust.5 by Senior II
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Can HAL_CAN_AddTxMessage Not Transmit.

Hi I try to send a message to the CAN interface, use HAl functionHAL_CAN_AddTxMessage.But the message not send.I verify with debug that the interface is allwais in Listering HAL_CAN_STATE_LISTENING.Do you have idea what is wrong?uint8_t CAN_TX(int16_...

PZamb.2 by Associate III
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Help finding example projects

Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to use an stm32l4r9i discovery along with a b-cams-omv. I saw that this camera is listed as a supported product for this board, however, I cannot find an example project of these working together. If anyone knows ...

DLowry by Associate
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H7 series FMC question

Hi, I am using STM32H725 with the FMC interface and trying to clarify some issues.The initial issue was seeing extra writes/reads on the bus - this seemed to be fixed by switching the banks to use the 0xC...0 address range or configuring the original...

OHaza.1 by Associate III
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