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STM32F030CC Custom PCB - STLINK V2 Programming Issue

Hello STM32 communityI'm facing an issue with my custom PCB featuring the STM32F030CC microcontroller. I've been using an STLINK V2 with opto-isolation for programming via SWD.Here's the scenario:Initial Success: After connecting power and performing...

Jouls by Associate II
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PCB design guidlines for STM32WB5MM module

hi,In the page 13 of the datasheet ( there is limited information about the PCB layout guidlines. I'd like to know more about the layout on left side of the module in the image shown if the mod...

Vansh by Associate II
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STM32F107 reset failed via NRST pin

Posted on October 20, 2016 at 05:54Background:       1.5% of products which use STM32F107 totally dead after using 3 months;Problem:       The NRST reset not function. After disconnecting the power and connecting again, the chip could recover and wo...


Problems with CDC and FreeRTOS streams

I'm experiencing a weird race condition / hangup with an application that I've built for my STM32F407VGTx. Basically I connect to the device via a USB cable and open a terminal to type commands on the device like a CLI. Everything works fine until I ...

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 8.21.27 PM.png
bdill.1 by Associate
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STM32U575 - USBPD_CAD_Init error wit Thread-Safe setting

Hello,I am building an application using ThreadX, FileX, USBX and USBPD. Everyting runs perfectly until I bring USBPD in the game. Whatever I do, I always get an error when the library calls USBPD_CAD_Init().More precisely, the function fails at a ca...

Pepils by Associate II
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