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OV5640 Issue in JPEG mode

Hi,I try to use your OV5640 board with your OV5640 driver in STM32H747 BSP in JPEG mode.The problem is that the FPS drop to 1 or 2 even at low resolution QVGA.Can you show me what registers needed to be modified to make it work correct since your dri...

MSale.1 by Senior
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Run-STOP3 test app only works when running debugger

Hi,I have a test app for the U5, which is intended to sleep for a short period of time and wake for a short period time, not unlike the default PCC Sequence you can see in the CubeIDE IOC. It will toggle an output line when entering STOP3 mode and al...

EC.3 by Associate III
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STM32U575: pullup needed on NRST pin?

We have designed, build and assemble a board with a STM32U575OGY6QTR. The first tests went well with the ST-LINK/V2 programmer connected to the board (driving the NRST). Now we have removed the programmer, and under some circumstances the MCU does no...

tcachat by Associate
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Resolved! FIR-filter for STM32F4 and several frequency bands?

Hi,there are a lot of examples and tutorials available that describe how to use a FIR-filter (via function arm_fir_f32()). Unfortunately all these examples are either simple low-, high-, or bandpass-filters. Now what I'm looking for, is a possibility...

BSchm.6 by Associate III
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Designing with STM32L496QGI6

Hello Team,We are planning to use the MCU STM32L496QGI6 for one of our new projects.The MCU will be powered from a 1.8V source (since all external peripherals are working in 1.8V only).One of the SPI slaves is working in 3.3V, so we are planning to u...

SVarg.2 by Associate
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Resolved! How can STM32F769 DMA controllers access the DTCM?

I am working with the STM32F769 microcontroller and I can see that a lot of DMA buffers are placed in DTCM in the source code I'm working with. Looking at the data sheet ( ) page 20 I don't see...

Stm32h7 HRtim input capture ability

Can I measure low pulse duration(>10ns) using the STM32H Hrtim?Hi all,I'm new to STM32H7 development. So I'm hoping to get some help to start.I need to measure pulse duration in 5- nanoseconds resolution or less. I then need to transfer the measured ...

Burakgvl by Associate II
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STM32F2 USB HOST interrupt flood

Hello,I get an issue with the USB HOST configured on my STM32F2This USB HOST driver works well in my case, but it appears that the interrupt OTG_HS_IRQHandler is called too frequently (when I plug a device on the USB HOST post) and it's flooding my C...

jean by Senior
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