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Resolved! UART bootloader

Hello! I'm utilizing the STM32L476VCT6 in my project. Through the UART (PC4, PC5), this MCU interfaces with the Wi-Fi SoC. For firmware updates, I want to use this UART connectivity. But I notice that USART3 bootloader has dedicated PC10, PC11 pins. ...

Resolved! STLINK-V3MINIE errors on programming STM32G071

Using both STM32CubeIDE and STM32CubeProgrammer; both fail to successfully program using the STLINK-V3MINIE. The part is IDs correctly and "Full chip erase" works without errors. I only get an error once I click the "Start Programming" button. Same b...

natan by Associate
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Resolved! Riverdi diplay with STM32H7 and external PHY.

Hello! I would like to know if I could connect my riverdi screen through expansion connector that provides with the external PHY LAN8720, or the only way is by PoE of riverdi. Can anyone provide some information about this? The datasheet of the scree...

Resolved! LCD parallel Interface vs LCD TFT Controller

I have an 8 bit parallel, 240x280 TFT display and was wondering:What's the difference between the "LCD parallel Interface" and the "LCD TFT Controller" under the "Display controller" section?Is there a significant difference in fps or processing cons...

btorres by Associate II
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ADC results randomly sorted

Hi Iam using STM32F407 discovery board and iam trying to sample 8channels of an ADC. Iam trigerring the ADC with a timer and Iam also using DMA whitch interups the code when the DMA buffer is full. Timer freq is 12kHz. DMA is in circular mode.Problem...

Chochy_0-1694615211925.png Chochy_1-1694615224140.png Chochy_2-1694615232630.png Chochy_3-1694615313356.png
Chochy by Associate
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Resolved! Nucleo l010RB weird label and strange spi behavior

Hi,I buy a new board L010RB, but it is labelled with classic strap "NUCLEO-L010RB" but there is one line after with is "NUL010RB$AU2". I had a couple of L010RB before but it's the first time i have such label on it.I'm wondering what is mean.Plus I'm...

JAgue.1 by Associate II
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Riverdi (display) connection with external PHY

Hello. I have a RIVERDI display with the STM32H757XIH6 (2MB Flash, 1MB RAM) microcontroller. I am trying to develop for this display a program  in order to connect it with an external PHY. In my research for external PHY I have found the LAN8720. Alt...

Resolved! STM32G030 BOOT0 versus SWD

STM32G030 datasheet indicates BOOT0 is PA14-BOOT0 and that SWDIO is PA13 and SWDCLK is PA14-BOOT0.Upon power up, how does the STM32G030 know whether PA14-BOOT0 is controlling whether to enter bootloader mode or is SWDCLK?Since STM32G030 has no JTAG c...