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How to set clear on capture timer mode

    I am using STM32G030F6P6TR controller,using cube IDE software.I amusing input capture direct mode for TIMER3 channel 2,I have signal comingto the pin of this capture timer.I want to reset timer after capture has been triggered.Thedocument I am re...

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reipl by Associate
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Resolved! HEX file with 32 Byte data line

Hi,my post build command produces the following output with 16 Byte per data line:  :020000040802F0 :1000000000000120E9C00008593D0008CD3D00086E :100010001D3E00081F3E0008213E000800000000B1arm-atollic-eabi-objcopy.exe -O ihex --gap-fill 0x00 --pad-to 0...

Martin42 by Associate III
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STM32C011F6U7 MCU schematic Reset and programming tool

Hi Guys,I will use STM32C011F6U7 did my devices development, but I can not certain that the schematic is correct or not, is right for NRST part? same time I want to know what tools should I used to download FW to units, 5 pins J-LINK or others 4 pins...

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gavin3 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7 MCU dual processor programming file

Hi, I have a question. I just completed a program for a dual processor MCU, specifically an STM32H745, which has one M7 core and one M4 core. Now I have to organize the production of a hundred cards, and the manufacturer asked me for the .hex file to...

FMass.1 by Associate III
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Properly add BLE library (.a) to a project

In order to design the Bluetooth Low Energy part of my software, I decided to use BLE Profiles_Lib 3.1.3 Library.There is a few folder inside this root folder (BLE_application, BlueNRG1_Periph_Driver, Bluetooth_LE, CMSIS, cryptolib, hal, SDK_Eval_Blu...