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Resolved! STM32H743 Save ADC Output from DMA to RAM to Flash

Hi all, im using Cube IDE STM32H743ZI2 Evaluation boardim curently sampling ADC2 and storing the output at an internal array using DMAthe array size is uint16_t[100,000]my requirements as to store much more data which means i have to use a diffrent m...

shahaf321 by Associate III
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Resolved! Revert .ioc file for older CubeIde version

Hello,I recently upgraded to CubeIde 1.6.0 but I am having many new problems when programming STM32h/43: the configurations generation is much slower and it often stops updating all needed files, which forces me to reboot (I could not find a better w...

SSorr.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem of porting FreeRTOS to STM32H573I-DK by CubeMX

Hi everyone,I have a STM32H573I-DK and try to port FreeRTOS without TrustZone to this board by CubeMX but suffered from a problem.I installed the X-CUBE-FREERTOS, set TIM17 for HAL Tick and SysTick for FreeRTOS.It will block (or crash?) in vStartFirs...

STM32F439 Ethernet Frame Transmit Jitter

Hello,I have some questions regarding Ethernet frame transmission.1) When is the value of the "ETH_MMCTGFCR" register increased?After calling the "HAL_ETH_TransmitFrame()" function, I noticed that the value of the "ETH_MMCTGFCR" register increased in...

2024-01-31 181125.jpg

STM32 UART stops At High Temperature

Hi,I am Using an stm32f205 on our board. All the Uarts works fine at room temperature. But when the temp increases above 58 degress, messages started get missed in the uarts or sometimes it completely stops sending messages.I am running the board at ...

JThom.15 by Associate III
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STm32CubeMX bug: CAN2 wrong configuration

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 16:31 Hi, I tried to configure my STm32F207 using the ''Cube'' to use the CAN2 and I found a bug. This is the initialization code generated by the ''Cube'': void HAL_CAN_MspInit(CAN_HandleTypeDef* ...