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PC14 behaving strangely in STM32L431

Hi,I am using PC14 in STM32L431 as an output and getting output 1 even if I make the pin Low .I have connected VBAT pin to VDD . And the PC14 Pin is pulled up with 10K Resister to VDD.When I check the out put without pull up it is showing 0 ,but the ...

SanFides by Associate
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Resolved! Debugging with the STM32F205RCT6 not working

Hi, i'm realative new to using ST products and i'm currently trying to debug with the STM32F205RCT6 using the ST-LINK V2 with the debug protocol SWD. but it's simply not worinking, it keeps saying No device found on target.  This is how it's connecte...

Screenshot_152.png Screenshot_154.png photo_2023-08-08_23-26-07.jpg

Resolved! TIM5 accuracy and overflow: configuration

I am trying to configure the TIM5 to get timestamp in milliseconds for a long period (over 40 seconds).Here is the current configuration of TIM5:// This function inits and start the timers usedvoid timer_init(void) { __HAL_RCC_TIM5_CLK_ENABLE(); ...

STM32U5 STLINK compatibility

Hello. We are building a widget using the new STM32U5 (BGA) device. So far, so good. Need to have an onboard STLINK 2.1 with drag & drop feature to allow for easy to use end user firmware upgrades. Could someone please confirm that the STLINK v2.1 is...

Mon2 by Senior III
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MTBF of STM32F446xC/E

I am looking for MTBF of  STM32F446xC/E. Kindly share the Reliability/MTBF of  STM32F446xC/E if available. @STM32F446xC/E, 

Dheeraj by Associate
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USART1 working but USART2 and USART3 no

Hi!I am working on a project where multiple sensors are connected to the stm32f4 transmistting data on a very high baud rate and then the received data is transmitted through USB VCP. For these matters I used DMA with USART1, USART2 and USART3 and im...

LOnGr.1 by Associate III
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