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Power consumption during STOP2 mode.

Hello!I have some power consumption during STOP2 mode which is around 470 microamps with some strange waveform like this:Is it possible some peripheral to cause this consumption?!  

LMehm by Associate II
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Debugging Nucleo-H723ZG with Segger J-Link?

I am trying to debug my Nucleo H723ZG board using the CN5 (MIPI10) and a Segger J-Link Pro. But I have tried both methods described in the UM2407 6.3.3 "Using an external debug tool to program and debug the on-boardsSTM32H7" and neither allows the J-...

MHoop.1 by Senior
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STM32 USB DFU circuit

I would like to program an STM32F446RET MCU with USB DFU bootloader. I did the following connections:- board VCC to USB cable and VBUS_FS- board GND to USB cable- UDB_DP to USB cable- USB_DN to USB cableWhen reset BOOT0=3.3V and BOOT1=GNDThe MCU seem...

DamianoF by Associate II
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Unable to reprogram STM32G030F6P6

I am trying to reprogram a STM32G030F6P6 with a St-link V3 but in STM32CubeProgrammer I get: "Error: No STM32 target found! If your product embeds Debug Authentication, please perform a discovery using Debug Authentication".When the chip is brand new...

Schermata 2023-07-31 alle 13.53.08.png
ccacitti by Associate
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Programming FSMC NAND Flash using STM32H7

Hi!We have developed a product based on the STM32H7 microcontroller. In it, we use NAND Flash memory connected via FMC. We are approaching the point of mass production and are looking at how to program this memory in production.So far, we have arrive...

ypiotrp by Senior
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Implementing an EEPROM Driver with Interrupts

I wanna implement an EEPROM driver but I have some hesitates.I actually implement a driver in polling mode, and as you might guess, there are some HAL_SPI_Transmit functions to send command, and some data(a buffer, not a single byte). I thought to tr...