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ı want to use DP8384 with stm32h747 Rmmı mode but there is no configutation fot th dp8384  and how can ı do it, please help me... 

Snm.1 by Associate III
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"OTP" memory comments and request

I have a project (joystick controller) that requires a small amount of non-volatile memory (10 to 16 bytes) for calibration data. Presently, I am using a STM32F4 series micro for this project. Although it's a bit overkill, my initial plan was to use ...

gahelton1 by Associate III
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Effective architecture for multi UART application

I have an application that has to talk to 8 UART devices and a handful of other I2C and SPI devices.  My current architecture is getting kind of complicated and I'd like to see how more experienced programmers handle a situation like this. I'll limit...

magene by Senior II
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STM32G0 ADC with Sequence but not DMA

The manual is unclear I believe, when the sequencer is used but DMA is not used.Relevant code is below, but in a nutshell, after configuring the sequencer and starting the ADC, I wait for EOC, read the data register, wait for EOC, read the data regis...

DRobe.4 by Senior
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Resolved! a problem in sending with Usart using GPDMA

Hi every one .I have designed a new MCU circuit  board for my own purposes. I am using an stm32u575VGTX  MCU in this circuit board and for the first thing i need to send and receive data with UART .As i don't want to busy the CPU just sending and rec...

Resolved! USART1: is it busy receiving?

I use the USART1 on a STM32F103RB in half duplex RS485 configuration.My question is: how can i be shure, that the bus is idle?OK, i can see RXNE if a complete Byte was received, but if the USART is just receiving the bits and it has not reached the s...

Debugging dual core Bootloader on STM32H7

I'm trying to develop a bootloader for a dual core STM32H7, running on the CM7. I'm starting by trying to modify my user project for it.I've moved the user code up a bank:FLASH   (rx)   : ORIGIN = 0x08020000, LENGTH = 896K and put in a IVT offset on ...

banelapel by Associate II
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Resolved! what are boot loader reserved pins for first programming?

Hi, I have a board with STM32G071KBU6N with new and empty flas.I have difficulty programming it because it seems to set some pins as output after power up. for example PA6 and PB7. This is causing a over current in the circuit.I suspect some kind of ...

PR.10 by Associate III
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