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Resolved! STM32L476VCT6 VREF connection

Hello!In my project I'm using STM32L476VCT6. I don't want to connect external voltage reference, only internal. Could I leave floating pins VREF- and VREF +?  I saw in the datasheet that these pins could be tied internally to Vdda and Vssa correspond...

Resolved! stm32u5 vdda abnormal current consumption

I set several unused pins in stm32u5 to floating as hardware and set them to low output by pushpull for ESD protection.The microcontroller was heating up abnormally when I looked at it with a thermo camera, and I found that the current consumption of...

Resolved! Strange in debugging NOR Flash

In STM32CubeIDE, the NOR Flash seems to work fine that data was correct both by reading to variable and reading 0x90000000 of memory mapping address.But if terminate the session and restart and just read the data, it is all gone.And there is another ...

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Resolved! SPI Overrun error is occurring in stm32g030kt6 MCU Slave

I programmed stm32G030kt6 controller as slave .it need to send requesting packets to master . what is happening is  alternative packet is  getting skipped from my buffer as shown in below image .uint8_t tx_buffer[41] = "\x29""\x3F\x4F\x5F\x6F\xFF\xFF...

Nchun.1 by Senior
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Hi,I want to use input capture mode with high resolution timer(HRTIM) on stm32f334r8 microprocessor. I am sending a pulse signal over the oscilloscope. I use one of the External Event Input pins for this. I want to capture the rising edges of the pul...

Leylifer by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G441 GPIO PB4 and PB6 pullup not working

Hello,I am having a strage problem with setting up simple input pins on PB3, PB4, PB5, PB6 and PB7 with pullup on a G441 bare metal. I set the bits in the GPIOB_MODER and GPIOB_PUPDR acordingly and also read them back to make sure. They are correct. ...

Resolved! How to use Timers ?

Hi, I'm learning how to use timers by following digikey's tutorial : Getting Started with STM32 and Nucleo Part 6: Timers and Timer Interrupts | Digi-Key Electronics - YouTubeHowever at 9:41 in the video I don't understand the code : // If enough tim...

Gnahore by Senior
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