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Resolved! USB Virtual Port Com as USB->Serial Converter

I am using a STM32F373 with the USB Middleware set to 'Communication Device Class (Virtual Port Com)'.Is it possible to have it 'act' as a UART or SPI type port, or do I need to hook into the USB library to TX/RX data over USB?  I currently use USART...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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How to generate MDC clock?

Hi team thanks for your coperation with me. I have been trying to enable MDIO peripheral At one of the STM32 EVK kit(NUCLEO-H7A3ZI). What i could see, when i have gone through the MDIO's official block diagram. The MDC pin drew as input and MDIO as b...

Msams.1 by Associate II
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In my project I am using STM32G030k8, in which I need to use 6 ADC channels and 2 of them are Pa11 and PA12PA9 and PA8 as gpio .I couldn't able to configure PA11 and PA12 what is the alternate way to use that channel

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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Protection against HRTIM output locking high

I am using an STM32G474 to create an inverting buck-boost converter, but after damaging a few boards, I realized that there is a series design issue that could short 24V to ground through an inductor if the HRTIM output pin ever goes high unexpectedl...


Resolved! Excessive MCU heat after debugging

I have a design that uses two HRTIM outputs from an STM32G474 MCU to provide a PWM signal to two external half-bridge gate drivers to drive two DSMPS, a buck converter and an inverting buck-boost converter.  After several debugging sessions, the MCU ...


Resolved! Read 96 bit UDID through serial bootloader or SWD

Hello,I am working on the STM32F103xx. I need to read out the 96 bit UDID (unique device ID) of the devices during production. Is there any way of reading this out from the serial bootloader on UART1 or through the SWD interface? I searched the AN315...

machinist by Associate III
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