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Resolved! Detect Debugger Connected To STM32L0 ?

Posted on December 13, 2017 at 17:32In Cortex-M3, M4, etc, we can just check the DEBUGEN bit in DHCSR (the Debug Halting Control and Status Register) But in Cortex-M0,...

Resolved! Having trouble with NSS control using STM32H742VIT6

Hello,I've configured SPI1 on STM32H742VIT6 connected to pins PA4-7 using AF5.Here is a dump of the relevant SPI1 registers:SPI1->CR1 = 00000001 SPI1->CR2 = 00000000 SPI1->CFG1 = 70000007 SPI1->CFG2 = 20400000 SPI1->SR = 00001002The MCU should be...

briankaz by Associate III
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Resolved! Misleading MCU flash and led blink error

Hi,I am doing my absolute baby steps in the STM32 environment. My MCU model is STM32F756VGH6. After days of debugging I finally managed to connect my STLINK V3 to the MCU but not run the led blinky :(This TFBGA100 package on a custom breakout board m...

Vilius by Associate II
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Resolved! A question about F103C8T6 memory map.

I found in "Figure 11. Memory map" of "Datasheet - production data for STM32F103x8", the address span between Port A and Port B is 1024(0x4001 0c00 - 0x40010800 = 32*32 bits), while I found in "RM0041 - Reference manual STM32F100xx advanced Arm ® -ba...

MQi.1 by Senior II
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STM32H563ZI : USB CDC issue

Hello , As per reference document added USB driver in firmware , but gives error at function USBD_SetClassConfig(pdev, cfgidx);added screenshot of error If ignore this error , USB Serial device port detected but failed to set transmission buffer stat...

pooja by Associate II
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STM32F427 USB Vendor device

Hello all,For a first time i am trying to implement usb vendor device. I am using stm32 standard peripheral library. Basically  CDC class, having modified the interface recognition part. Can i have some direction what i am missing to implement. Here ...

Lachezar by Associate II
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Resolved! U5 ENCODER in STOP2 does not update count

I'm using NUCLEO U575ZI with LPTIM1 configured as Quadrature ENCODER with 32kHz internal clockIn RUN mode peripheral works properly but when I switch in STOP2 mode peripheral doesn't count.I can assume the peripheral is powered ON because when I exit...

amoli.1 by Associate II
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STM32L5: External loader does not work

Hi, With the STM32L562E-DK devoplement kit, I have developed a working touchGFX application without Trustzone. The external loader MX25LM51245G_STM32L562E-DK works as expected with STM32CubeProgrammer (version 2.14.0) However, I need trustzone, so I ...