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Resolved! No source code available for _udivsi3 on STM32G0

Hi,I'm trying a simple program with a modulo operator on a STM32G031 MCU. Everything works fine during launch. But when using debug, it says "No source code available for _udivsi3() at 0x08000204".I know that the debugger is unable to find the source...

2023-10-19 18_25_38-STM32_Project - Source not found. - STM32CubeIDE.png
Montagny by Associate II
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RTC Losing time after power restart

Hello all,I am working on RTC of STM32F401RC. I have connected a new CR2032 battery to VBAT.My problem is that when I restart the power I lose time. I have disabled the calendar generation and setting time manually so there is no possibility of time ...

KBhon1_0-1697944232160.png KBhon1_2-1697944416432.png
KBhon.1 by Associate III
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I2C & SPI not working together (STM32F303K8)

Hi, I am trying to simply output information from an I2C device (DS1307 real time clock) to an SPI screen (ST7789) I have tested the code & libraries for the separate devices and they work but as soon as I try adding any SPI commands to the main.c th...

Linkpad by Associate III
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hello, USART read doesn't work on nucleo board.

I am using stm32u575zit6q. I set Baud Rate 2500000bit/s.(my equipment is only support 2500000bits)usart write is work successful, but read is not.usart read work only 9600bit/s.How do I use the read to work over 9600baud rate? 

스크린샷 2023-10-23 113055.png
Dinggo by Associate II
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Resolved! When will the SPI_SR_RXNE bit be set to 0?

I'm using SPI on STM32F407VGT6 This is the code I use to check the state of the SPI_SR_RXNE bit:This is the code for the LIS3DSH accelerometer, when I send data to the accelerometer in response the accelerometer sends data to the Microcontroller.This...

MMust.5 by Senior II
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