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STM32 double buffer + ADC + FATFS necessary?

Hey everyone,In my last application I had a DMA double buffer moving data from a peripheral to memory, it would fll one buffer, inform the cpu and while it filled the second buffer, the first buffer would be sent to the sdcard.I want to do the same t...

con3 by Senior
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Error initializing uart2 for STM32F072CBT6 processor

We wanted to use the uart2 serial port of STM32F072CBT6. We used the STM32CUBE tool to generate the code, but the debugging found that we could not enter the interrupt of uart2.We had no problem setting uart1 and uart3 to use before.The initializati...

mhou by Associate II
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STM32L433xx/STM32L443xx Errata sheet (ES0318) rev 4 typo

This is a minor thing, but.... STM32L433xx/STM32L443xx Errata sheet, ES0318, revision 4, section 2.1.2 on VDIV/VSQRT says there are two work possible arounds, but then lists the same work around 2 times (disable lazy FPU context save). What is the ...

Bob S by Principal
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Help with ADC and DMA

I'm using a Nucleo-H743ZI and have configured ADC3 to trigger off of TIM3. It is scanning 4 channels every 10 us. I also have BDMA configured for the ADC. The ADC end-of-scan interrupt is occurring every 10 us, but the DMA interrupt is only occurr...

edwin8 by Associate II
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Measure time difference between 2 PWM using STM32L4

Hi Guys,I working on a project that require measure time difference between 2 PWM (Refer the picture below) . I was able to measure the PWM frequency using input capture method but not able to measure the time difference, Td between 2 PWM. Kindly nee...

LXian.19 by Associate
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FOC SDK Private Libraries

I see that some libraries from the SDK (Like the PLL State Observer) are delivered as precompiled objects for each of the supported IDE's. Is it possible to obtain the source code of these libraries in order to use them in our project's IDE? (Since w...

kswarm by Associate II
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