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Resolved! STM32L431 can't enter STOP2 mode

I'm trying to enter STOP2 mode to save energy but the MCU get stuck in the function HAL_PWREx_EnterSTOP2Mode(PWR_STOPENTRY_WFI). I have cleared all EXTI pending flags and RTC flags, and disable all five wake up pins. The MCU is supposed to wake up vi...

TClar.8 by Associate II
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I am working on STM32H743 micro operating as a slave I2C device. I am able to write to the slave device by a master I2C device but I can't seem to read.

I have done some investigation and arrived that the problem is with the "DIR" bit in the Interrupt Status register not firing to indicate whether to do a Read.uint32_t isr_trace[64]; int isr_count = 0;   void I2C2_EV_IRQHandler(void) { isr_trace[...

onio by Senior
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[How to] From Mechanical to Capacitive controls Guide (Buttons with sharp edges and 2mm clearance, 2 layer pcb with cover glass (50x70mm))

Even though most of you may be relatively familiar with the various types of mechanical controls, the same does not necessarily apply for capacitive ones. So, let’s start off by defining the most basic elements of capacitive sensing.Capacitive button...

PAram by Associate II
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F4 DMA2 errata - how to handle that

Hello!We have choosen the STM32F407/427 for our product, a couple of years ago.It fits with the speed, and also with the possibility to use DMA for mutliple peripherals.Now, as we have found out the hard way, the DMA2 fails while handling ADCs and SD...

a.n by Associate II
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STM32F051C8 ADC Accuracy Problem

Hello,I've been using STM32F051C8 on some of my projects and I recently realised that, my ADC is not converting accurately. I connected my Vdda to Vdd, that is 3,3VDC and tried conversation routine below.Here is the initialisation: Single Channel con...