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How to make http fsdata

I need create the fsdata for my http server. I see there makefsfile or fcarm.exe can converter to c file, but I cannot fine where to get these files. Tried to search online but no result. Any one can tell me where to download them?

kqian by Associate II
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PARAM ERROR in CANBUS Data transfer!!

Hi,I'm trying to send data from STM32F767Zi to another node using CANBUS starts sending data every second and at other node i can get data, but all of a sudden data stops transmitting,when i debug i finding HAL_CAN_ERROR_PARAM.what cou...

VPras by Associate II
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CAN Receive Interrupt porblem

HiI am new at CAN communication protocol and working with STM32f407. I used example to run fist communication. I can receive and transmit frames.But the problem is, when a frame is sent from first board to other board, second board goes to ISR receiv...

bxcan bit stuffing problem

I have a board with stm32f415 that use the bxcan that continuosly (8 packet every 10 seconds ) trasmit to another receiver board that use Microchip MSC2515 as CAN controller.Some of the packet that i sent from STM32F415 contains all zeros bits. I hav...

DCogl by Associate
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STM32H7 SPI with DMA using memory to start transfer

Dear all,I'm starting to use STM32H7 for a real-time project and my first task is to optimize the SPI communication. The final implementation will be a library that elaborates data from SPI and send the elaborated data in another SPI (like a pass-thr...

ARess by Associate
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Can you use a unified firmware for dual core STM32H7x5?

I'd like to develop an application on the dual-core STM32H7 line.  To simplify development, I'd like to use the same firmware for both cores.  Is this possible?As I understand it, accessing the SCB->CPUID can tell me which core is running. Okay, so ...

TDK by Guru
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how to initialize stm32l496 RTC ?

I have just started working with Micro controller, I use stm32l496 .I want to init RTC with LSI clock source and HCLK is 2MHz from MSI source. I configure RTC in stm32 cubemx but RTC is not working i.e. the time is set correctly but does not increase...

alianvari by Associate III
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Output Compare Mode for STM32F407 Discovery board

Hi,I am working on STM32F4 discovery board and I am trying to use output compare mode.and I have written the following code using peripheral registers.The application is Toggle the LED for every 1sec when output compare is matched.Here is the code. B...

Kumar B by Associate II
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