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Resolved! Can I use DMA to copy data in parallel with the MCU operation to/from (1) On-chip Flash, (2)Off-chip Flash (connected via Quad-SPI), or (3) Off-chip SDRAM (connected via FMC)? If possible, which one will be the fastest?

From the datasheet diagram (attached), it seems like the DMA has access to all of above. However, it is not clear whether it is really possible to DMA data to / from those and how I should do it and I've seen negative response to similar chips, so I ...

KMaen by Associate III
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Tips needed for designing PID controller and testing to monitor LED temperature Hardware:STM32L4 Library: HAL DSP library (I am ok to manually design and bypass DSP lib)

Hi all,I am trying to design PID controller to monitor LED temperature Control Variable: Parameter that adjust the LED brightnessProcess variable: LED temperature (measuring it with sensor) I am looking for some tips to tune my PID parameters as well...

STM32F7 Triangle-wave generation

I am trying to control the amplitude of a triangle wave, while the frequency of the waveform should always be 1kHz. Is this possible to do?The reference manual says that I can control the amplitude of the signal using the register DAC-> DHRx. Further...

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Resolved! “No STLink detected�? for STM32F469I-DISCO.

Hi. I bought stm32f469i and Nucleo-h745 boards. H745 connects to STLink no problem. But the F469 discovery board doesn’t connect. I tried installing reinstalling drivers, connecting to other computer nothing worked. I couldn’t find another cable that...

sid90 by Associate II
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MCO pin showing 24 MHz instead of 48 MHz while debugging

I use the MCO pin to test my clock configuration on a STM32F072RBT6 board. While I'm debugging with a ST-Link/V2 adapter the MCO output shows 24 MHz instead of the expected 48 MHz.Using the exact same software (no changes in clock configuration) and ...

fxrb by Associate
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entropy source failed

Hi,Im using the STM32F746NG Discovery Kit MCU. Im getting following error when trying to make a HTTPS connection:mbed_tls ctr_drbg entropy source failed.Although I enabled the RNG and CRYP Module I put following macros into my mbed config.h:#define M...

Anon767 by Associate II
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Over the Air Firmware suggestions

We are developing a product and are stuck at Firmware over the air updates. It seems like we will need a system that meets the following requirements:From a firmware perspective, the platform should support delta updates so the entire firmware packag...

UShah.15 by Associate II
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STM32F7 interface to DS3231MZ+

Hi,We are trying to interface STM32F76 custom board to DS3231MZ+ RTC chip ,we are able to set and retrieve time using I2C and it is incrementing properly as long as board is powered up. But Time and date are reset to 0:0 and year 2000 after board...

Tp by Associate II
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