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Resolved! Read GPIO Analog

Hello, I set one of GPIO to Analog mode and I want to read its value, by using HAL library. Should I just use HAL_GPIO_ReadPin to read the value?Thank you.

NASI by Senior
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Resolved! Use GPIO Analog for ADC read value on STM32H735

Hello, Is it possible to configure PA10 on STM32H735 as GPIO Analog and use it to read ADC Value ? The AN4899, 4.3.4 Analog Configuration says : Few STM32 GPIO pins can be configured in analog mode which allows the use of ADC, DAC, OPAMP, and COMP in...

Esaab.1 by Associate
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Private read of I3C target

hello:I have a question about I3C private read when I use STM32H563 as a target.Usually, the number of bytes returned by the target can be set through LL_I3C_ConfigTxPreload, but if the target is uncertain about  how many bytes to return, that is, th...

Garry by Associate II
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Resolved! SPI Communication with ATMega32

Hello,       I have to use SPI1, SPI2 and SPI3 to communicate with 3 ATmega32 boards(11MHz / 16MHz). I'm testing with STM32F407G-DISC1. My configuration and functions are as given below. void SPI3_Config(void) { GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStru...

Rohith by Associate II
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Nucleo board stuck when starting without USB connection

Hello,I am using a Nucleo F446RE board, and I have developped a small program that works fine as long as the board is connected to the PC with the USB cable.Once the program has been tested, I have removed the USB cable and used E5V external power su...

Jelurol by Associate II
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Using a G4 with an Oscillator

Im planing on using a Jo22 oscillator with 24 Mhz: there any things i have to look out for?I havent found a example circuit, and the datasheet of the osci...

Tobe by Senior III
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Help with modbus TCP/IP

Hello i'm currently working with the STM32F446RE and i need to implement the modbus tcp/ip protocol, im aware of the freemodbus library but i cant implement this to the stm32cubeide it is always telling me something is missing (like the port.h). It d...


Hi people,    I just work on a Dali project and trying to learn from the demo library I am getting some error can anyone PLEASE help me how to proceed.I am trying in STM32G0I am getting error as EXTI.Instruture undeclared i tried EXTI.Instruct but st...

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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