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Resolved! STMH723 and LAN8742Ai PHY

Hi,I am working on a new product. For this I use the STM32H723 µC and the LAN8742Ai PHY from Microchip.Our schematics looks like this:We have a 25 MHz crystal connected to the STM32H723 (HSE). The MCO is configured to HSE. The crystal matches the clo...

sada1400 by Associate II
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USB FS Device parse_config_desciptors Error

Hello,I've enable a USB device as a virtual com port.  It works well however sometimes I get the following warning in CubeMX's console when I hit 'debug'.  The warning appears after I 'continue' after the first 'HAL_Init' debug break point."libusb: w...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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I2C doesn't work after uploading (only sometimes)

I wrote a little program that reads I2C values with interrupts: The Problem is that sometimes it just doesn't work after uploading. I just have to run it so many times till it works (not changing anything in the code). It seems like its just coincid...

Senax by Associate II
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Resolved! Frequency PWM calculation vs real

Hi, I would like to understand why I don't have the right frequency on my PWM. I am working on STM32F103RG.I would like to have a 8Khz PWM on Timer 3 channel 1, so I have configure my HSI to 8Mhz. APB2 Timer is set to 8Mhz. Prescaler to 10 and ARR to...

ELECL.2 by Associate II
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ADC DMA Doesnt Read Properly [Need Help and Advice]

Hi, so previously on other post I've been getting trouble with Poll Conversion of ADC using STM32F4 Discovery Board. Therefore i decided to use DMA instead.I made the program using STM32CUBEMX and Keil uVision to read 5 different channels. All data t...

watch1.JPG dma array output.JPG
dios_kuri by Associate III
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Spi clock is not generated

Hello, I am trying to generate spi clock(100kz) in stm32g473,but desired output not getting in DSO .I tried to change  stm32cubemx configuration then i changed the user code then also not getting desired output.Please help me what changes I needed to...