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Resolved! STM32 F4 CANBUS communication issue

Hello, I am trying to program Can Bus protocol with two stm32 boards. I used MCP2551 and VP230 can transiciever but both of them doesnt work or my code doesnt work I dont know. I am programming normal mode. My purpose is when press the any button of ...

maZers by Associate III
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Sending message from slave to master (SPI)

Hello,I'm trying to send a message from slave to master using spi (I'm using only one stm board) and so far nothing I tried has worked. AFAIK for the slave to send data to master, the master has to initiate communication first by sending clock signal...

Jordalic by Associate II
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SPI + I2C Example Project

Hi, I am struggling to get SPI and I2C to work at the same time on my project I have tried multiple things (DMA, interrupts etc...) are there any example projects that already have this implemented? I am simply trying to read an I2C sensor value and ...

Linkpad by Associate III
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Problem using Slave to transmit I2C Interrupt

Hi,In my project, I communicate with STM slave I2C. I can receive data via I2C but I cannot send data. As you can see in the photo below, the packetData is filling up, but when you send it, it only sends 0x00. what is the problem? what can I do?

i2c-interrupt.PNG i2c-interrupt-2.PNG

Resolved! Transition from 2x Teensy 4.0 boards to STM32H755xI

Hello everyone,  I'm exploring the feasibility of transitioning from 2x Teensy 4.0 boards to an STM32H755XI for a sensor-intensive application. The project involves interfacing with 16 VL53L4CX sensors and managing their data acquisition and processi...

SMT32F407VGT6 / CAN issue

The CAN communication between the main control board (SMT32F407VGT6) and the same server board (STM32F407VGT6) shows that the ambient temperature is below -10 degrees, the communication is abnormal, and the ambient temperature is above -10 degrees! I...

JACK00 by Associate II
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STM32F303C8C6 DMA 2ADC 5Channels

hi i am having some difficoulty's where i cant find a solve for: problem 1 ADC1_channel12 feeds me a value back around 4030 while its voltage on the pin is 0.0Vproblem 2 ADC2_channel3 is always reading 0 i configured all ADC channels to place data in...