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H723ZG ethernet fail

Hello,I have made a simple project using NUCLEO-H723ZG to constantly transmit data via UDP with some low but non-trivial speed (~2300 1KB datagrams /s). Unfortunately, after about 3h of such transmission, the board crashed, and afterwards, the ethern...

mbq by Associate II
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stm32F769I IAP

Hi,I am trying to implement IAP through UART on stm32f779I Evaluation kit,  I am using stm cude IDE 1.9.0 and F7v1.17.0 software package.I have downloaded IAP_Main project using st_link. By using tampered button entered into the downlaod mode and usi...

Aravind1 by Associate
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STM32 and FLASH registers

I have a question regarding STM32L0. I am interested in which address the registers like FLASH_ACR, FLASH_PECR, etc., are located. In the datasheet, I only see their offsets, but not the absolute value is it maybe 0x1FF8 0000?.Also I would also like ...

JR2963 by Senior
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UART communication

Hello everyone, I am trying to make a UART Communication between STM32 NUCLEO-L476RG and ESP32 S3. The STM must send data to ESP and the ESP must print it on Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE. However, this doesn't happen, even though I have double check...

Problem with OpenAmp_ping pong

Dear Support team, I am using this STM32H755 as a motor control application. I have developed motor control algorithm on M4 and the communication with Master through SPI using M7.I need to exchange data between M4 and M7 continuously. I tried with Op...

STM32H7 Prevent MPU re-configuration

Hello all,I wish to setup the MPU early in my firmware, then prevent changes to the MPU registers until next power-cycle/reboot.Is this possible without having the root secure services? The MCU im using is the STM32H7A3. Thanks in advance.

mwp by Senior
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