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USB connection problems with STM32F7

Hello,In one of our products we've moved from a PIC32 to a STM32F7. The product is self powered and has a USB connection (USB-Device Full-Speed, HID). Everything works as expected normally. Sometimes however, when I plug in the USB cable, I get an er...

os81 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F217 HSE and Timer Sync

I'm working with an STM32F217 and I have a few timer channels setup as sync clocks to regulators (around 1.5 MHz). I'm checking to make sure my sync lines are actually using HSE as a reference clock by looking at the phase drift between my external o...

PCarn.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Trouble with GPIOG on STM32U575ZIT6

Hello everyone,I hope you're doing well. I'm currently working on a project using the STM32U575ZIT6 microcontroller, and I'm facing a peculiar issue with GPIOG.I have successfully manipulated GPIOB and GPIOC for controlling LEDs, but I'm encountering...

OTM98 by Associate II
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disable debug in low power mode (sleep mode) in stm32u575

hello ,I am looking for disable debug in lower mode in stm32u575 MCU as they  have option to disable  debug mode in low power mode like "STOP 1 2 3 " but not available for low power sleep mode is there any  one have worked on it and dose it have some...

PESHWA by Associate II
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Resolved! product recommendation for patient monitor

Hi, I am seeking product recommendations from you for developing our project using an NXP board. We require a simple and cost-efficient board suitable for a medical patient monitor. Key considerations include interfacing with a 12-lead ECG module (SP...

TIM1 break interrupt not firing

Hi,I am configuring TIM1 to generate interrupt via MX and I can see that the ISR for TIM1 break is added to the code.But the interrupt never triggers. I know that break from comparator does happen, but no interrupt!Does anyone know what could be wron...

bolurian by Associate II
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Resolved! Multi Channel ADC with DMA transfer on NUCLEO U575ZI-Q

Hello, I'm trying to configure my NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q to read multiple channels of ADC at once. I will describe the settings in the following and then raise my questions:1- I use IN1 and IN2 on ADC4 which corresponds to PC0 and PC1 on the EVB2- I set sca...

mebrahim by Associate II
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