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USART4 does not work receiving data. It works only on USAR2. Sending data works on both. 1) polling on USART4: always timeout 2) Interrupt on USART4 --> Interrupt not thrown

/* Private variables ---------------------------------------------------------*/ UART_HandleTypeDef huart2; UART_HandleTypeDef huart4; ... //#define UART_MODE 1 #define UART_MODE 2 ... #define USARTX USART4 #define huartX huart4   uint8_t UART_rxBuff...

ORend.1 by Associate II
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Measuring external Pulse Width and Height/Voltage

Hi all,Im wanting to measure both the width and height of input pulses using ADC and Timers.To get the width I can use a Timer with Input Capture and __HAL_TIM_GetCounterBut to get the height I'm unsure the best way. Currently I'm using the Input Cap...

EHolm.2 by Associate II
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Teams connection issues (error AADSTS50020)

Hello,it seems that some attendees have issues with logging to the Teams meeting and they receive following error message:AADSTS50020: User account '<user_email>' from identity provider '' does not exist in tenant '<STMicroelectronics or othe...

Load dynamic functions during runtime (STM32L431)

Does anyone know if its possible to have a dedicated area memory of the Cortex to load dynamic functions during runtime? Something like an external C compiled function and send the binary through a communication interface (serial,i2c,etc) to the Micr...

VChav.19 by Associate II
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