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New possibilities for the ultra-low power segment!

STM32U0 is the first Cortex-M0+ with a static consumption of only 160 nA in standby mode with RTC (Real-Time Clock) and 16 nA in shutdown. It also achieves 118 points in CoreMark and targets SESIP level 3 and PSA level 1 focusing on firmware code pro...


Problem with IWDG. does not reboot the MCU

I use STM32F042F6P6. I found that IWDG does not reboot the microcontroller. The program stops, but the microcontroller does not restart.At the time of IWG triggering, a short (at 0 then 1 again) is formed on the NRST pin, but the program is not resta...

EShai.2 by Associate II
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Problem with HAL Timer Interrupt in KEIL MDK v5

Hello guys,i want to program a timer interrupt with HAL in the KEIL MDK v5 IDE. But i get a syntax error in the following line: HAL_TIM_Start_IT(&htim2); I get the following error message:error: expected parameter declaratorerror: expected ')'warnin...

TKlei.5 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use two DAC channels simultaneously

Hello,I am using STM32F765BI MCU. As per our requirement we have to send data on both the DAC channels simultaneously using DMA. but I could not find any API for this. There are APIs available for DAC DMA single channel only as shown below,HAL_Statu...

LDesa.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! [SOLVED] Nucleo STM32l4R5ZI Vref Buffer stuck on Timeout

Hello,I am trying to output the reference voltage for the DAC in a Nucleo L4R5ZI, I am doing so with the Vref Buffer. I am using STM32CubeIDE.After creating a default project I just disabled all the communication I wasn't going to need and I configur...

DMart.16 by Associate II
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Issues with UART1 on STM32F303RT8

Hi I am working on getting and processing raw serial data on a STM32F303RT8 MCU. The interrupt is firing but I am not able to properly read data from the Serial interface.Every time the ISR fires, the value of "sr" is 216 except for the first time w...

PVD IT always rising

I'm working on a STM32L072, and I tried to configure the PVD to rising an IT when the supply voltage is below 2.7V.It appears that the IT is always rise even the voltage is always above 3V. __HAL_RCC_PWR_CLK_ENABLE(); __HAL_PWR_VOLTAGESCALING_...

Ppeyr.1 by Associate II
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GPIO UART disable and enable

Hi I use UART very rarely and I would like to disable gpio:void Disable_Not_Used_Pins(void) { /* Disable UART pins*/ GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStruct = {0}; GPIO_InitStruct.Pin = GPIO_PIN_2|GPIO_PIN_3; GPIO_InitStruct.Mode = GPIO_MODE_ANALOG; GP...

ughr1 by Associate II
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