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How to use STM32F4 + uC/OS III + C++?

We are working on a robotics control application for our project. In the past we've used bare metal + C. In recent times however we have seen how beneficial RTOSes and C++ can be for embedded systems. We have shortlisted uCOS as the RTOS and C++ as the language for our libraries (for now). We are going to start with FreeRTOS to get a hang of it for those that don't have the experience and later on transfer to uCOS. My question is how should I integrate all of this together?

For STM32F4 + uCOS I was looking at the books + Micrium OS Documentation from STM. For C++ I was going to use the standard way of having an entry point function in main.c and using extern in your c++ files.

However I am unsure as to how to intergrate all this together and what resources to use and are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? It would be of great help to us if you could guide us on this.

I also had another question but since it's already been cleared on the side many times I don't want to open up another topic for it. HAL vs LL? What is your personal opinion on it? I know there isn't a definitive answer but it's definitely something that I have been on the fence for personally. I have been implementing peripherals on all the MCUs I've worked on since I started by writing my own layer from register layer because I do value performance. But I'm not exactly sure what to do when it comes to HAL vs LL. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.