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STM32H753 Ethernet initialization failure

I'm working on two custom boards using STM32H753 and DP83848 PHY. I have setup TCP communication in this setup with LwIP and RTOS and has been running in properly for the last 1.5 years. Out of the blue, in one of the boards, the TCP connection faile...

STM32H7 SPI + Level Shifter

Hi everyone,I am currently in the process of developing a board that incorporates an STM32H743VIT and a voltage level shifter (FXMA108BQX) positioned adjacent to it. The objectives are to translate 3.3V logic levels to custom voltage levels (programm...

2sayle by Associate II
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STM32h timers

Hello group,The STM32h745 controller is what I'm using in my application,I'm attempting to use several interrupts in a single timer from multiple channels,In my application, we require several interrupts from separate channels on a single timer with ...

Sm.2 by Associate II
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USB PD DRP does not work

Dear All,I'm trying to integrate USB PD DRP into my code.The DRP does not seems to work. I traced the port interrupts down to the PORTx_IRQHandler and here are the results (USB_PD_Int = Status Register, the time is in ms from the start of the FW):Tim...

Rise by Associate II
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Resolved! Need IDE and Debugger suggestions for STM32L412RB

Hi we're using STM32L412RB controller for our development wanted to know what are preferable IDE that can be used for the software development for the purchased controller.(They've suggested us for Eclipse wanted to make sure is it okay to use eclips...