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Moving SystemClock_Config Causes Strange Erros

I know this is a vague question, but it's a very strange problem I'm facing. My application (based on STM32G0) is working fine. I used CubeMX to autogenerate all the code, and have been building on top of it. Now I am looking to clean things up a bit...

Konami by Senior
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Doesn't transmit data via SWO STM32H743

I can not start transfer via SWO to STM32H743.Port PB3 initialized clock feed.Initialized SWO:*(__IO uint32_t*)(0x5C001004) |= 0x00700000; // DBGMCU_CR D3DBGCKEN D1DBGCKEN TRACECLKEN   //UNLOCK FUNNEL *(__IO uint32_t*)(0x5C004FB0) = 0xC5ACC...

Any way to lower RAM in order to add to FLASH?

Hello All.I am working on a small project for a friend while learning the STM32 environment.The project is currently using a STM32F030x4 in a 20 pin TSSOP20.I have committed a sin; I have run out of Flash Memory.Is there any way to reduce the RAM all...

SScot.3 by Associate II
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STM32 interrupt service routine and volatile variables

Hello,I'm using an stm32f411 which is a cortex M4 device.In my application I have an interrupt from an IMU in a 400hz frq. Every time the interrupt is called I want to read data from the sensor and process it using a filter function.I have a few ques...

EPora.1 by Associate II
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For ADC input, my input signal is sinusoidal with no DC, that is, it has positive and negative value. Is it possible to convert a negative value without problem?

In the document, the input level is limited by Vref+ and Vref-. But Vref- seems to be tied to GND in general, which implies a negative value cannot be converted without problem.Can Vref- be connected external -5V or -3.3 V for handling a negative val...

JKim.81 by Associate II
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STM32 SPI slave mode doesn't transmit properly

I am using an STM32G030C8T6 as an SPI (Slave device) which receives characters from a Raspberry pi (Master device), receiving works perfectly! no problems there, however when i try to send data from STM32 to Pi, it seems that the STM32 gets stuck for...

NNida.1 by Associate
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