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STM32G474QB STM32G474QC flash organization

I'm trying to understand how flash memory is organized for STMN32G474QB or STM32G474QC flash. I don't have the micros till now so I cannot do any test to understand that. From the RM0440 manual it seems both are in category 3 device. But when I look ...

FValm.1 by Associate III
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sample rate using DMA, ADC and Timer

Hi, I need to sample a signal at a frequency of 10kHz. To avoid the use of the microprocessor I thought of doing it using a 10kHz Timer that triggers the ADC conversion on its falling edge, in addition, I need the ADC read value to be transferred via...

LSoll.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! offset on the ADC

I want to read the Vdd (link to VDDA) of my board with the ADC in a STM32L072. I try read it through a divider bridge or through VrefInt, and both give me a value far below the voltmeter is my config: hadc.Instance = ADC1; hadc.Init.Ov...

Ppeyr.1 by Associate II
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CAN TX stopped working

Hello, I'm using stm32F446RE.Sending CAN messages to two controllers and it stopped working after some seconds if time delay between the messages is less than one second, And it's slow for my project.looking for suggestions, attaching some of my code...

SPati.9 by Associate II
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Resolved! Clear Tim1 --- STM32L476RG?

Hello All....Simple question. I am using the functions(HAL_TIM_Base_Stop_IT and HAL_TIM_Base_Start_IT). Basically I set a timer to count to a value and an interrupt occurs. The timer starts on a GPIO edge. I would like the timer to always zero out at...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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RTC Internal timestamp is only updated when the first time RTC is initialized and power shifted to VBAT. On further power up and shutdown events that RTC Timestamp registers are not being updated with new time stamp values.

 I'm reading TS and clearing TSF, ITSF, TSOVF flags upon power up. But when power cycle happens again, the TS registers are still containing the previous value, but not present value.

vamsi by Associate II
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