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Resolved! No activate option of timer in STM32CubeIDE CubeMX

Hello, I am working with "Mastering The STM32" book and faced with one problem: cannot find the option as in the book to activate any timer using CubeMX. I am using STM32 blue pill STM32F103C8T6. Why I can't find the activate option of timers?

Resolved! STM32G431 tim_ker_ck, tim_pclk source

I'm looking into calculating the timings for the brk filters for the TIM1 periphery. Mentioned there is the "tim_ker_ck" and the "tim_pclk" respectively.I cannot seem to find any information on where these come from.The clock tree in the RM says that...

DMeie.2 by Associate III
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stm32f1 DMA to PWM first bit issue

Hi,Im new to stm forums so sorry if i make any mistakes.Im using a stm32f103RET6 since i am familiar with f103 and i need usb/other peripherals. Thus far everything works great. However...Im trying to offload some work from cpu to DMA by sending a pr...

Levi--G by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F303 PWM generation TIM1_CH3

Hi,I'm having trouble getting PWM output on my STM32F303. I'm using CubeMX for pin config, then generating for Make for use with VSCode on Ubuntu. TIM1_CH3 has been configured for PWM output on PC2, and TIM1_CH2 on PC1. CH2 works as expected, while C...

kristblo by Associate II
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TIM Output compare on STM32F407

Good morning community,I am trying to capture output compare unit.Board: STM32F407G Discovery.I configure TIM1 which is 16bit timer on bus1.Reference clock is 12.5Mhz in our case.I am seeing when I run the code only one time interrupt is generated an...

MG1 by Associate II
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