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STM32l496: Clocking timer using LSCO

Associate III

Hi, I wanted to clock my timer output using LSE crystal, but unfortunately only tim2 is supported with this feature. 

But then I saw an option of LSCO as output in cubemx, this enables the pin on MCU and according to documentation this output LSE clock on that pin. So I was thinking about routing this signal to timer input as timer is going to be configured in ETR mode. So my question here is has anyone tried it and does it work ? is it even possible to route LSCO to multiple timer inputs ? 


I cant test it as I dont have a dev kit on my hand and only a custom board. 

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

What chip are you actually using?


So why have you tagged 7 other families too?


to reach every audience, as I guess this feature is also available in other series as well