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Disabling COMP interrupt results in high current consumption

Associate III

In order to mute the COMP for some time, I deactivated the interrupt with HAL_NVIC_DisableInterrupt(COMP_IRQn) and re-activated after a certain time respectively.

In between I am in STOP2, some uA normal consumption.
Now, while the interrupt is disabled, current went up to around 3.2mA.
I am wondering what the explanation could be for that. Any ideas?

I tried stopping and starting the comparator, but this resulted in unwanted behavior like interrupt being triggered not only on transition but repeatedly when above threshold and not triggering at all when using Vrefint as reference.

Now I am using a flag to just return in the interrupt handler if muted, but this is not very efficient as the MCU still is woken up a lot.

What would be the proper way to implement this?

Best, Robert