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STM32-L452RE comparator triggering in both edges

Hey!I have been with a problem with the stm32l452 comparator for a few days now and I can't figure it out. The interrupt of COMP1 triggers on both edges rather than rising edge.I tried differents configurations but main is the following:hcomp1.Init.I...

PParo.2 by Associate II
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Switch comparator input

Hello, I made a an esc using an arduino a year ago and I wanted to try it with my stm32L476RG, for some reason my code doesn't seem to work, and I think that I'm doing the switching of the comparator input minus wrong, can you tell me if this is the ...

Vertinhol by Associate III
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Resolved! Comparator trigger mode register

Hello I have a Nucleo board L476RG and I would like to change the trigger mode of the comparator on the fly, the problem is that I cannot find the register responsible of this in the datasheet.I guess it's not related to the comparator but to the EXT...

Vertinhol by Associate III
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Send COMP output to 2 TIMs as follower and inverter.

I want to generate differential signal from this MCU itself. I'm using NUCLEO-H723ZG doing this which has DAC, COMP and TIM built-in.I've used 2 DAC for generate 2 simultaneous UART signals (If there's other ways to do this please recommend) but it's...

AMagk.1 by Associate II
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Can the minimum voltage at inverting or non-inverting input pin of on-chip comparator of STM32-Nucleo G474RE be negative like the other IO pins have minimum value of Vss-0.3V?

Hi, I going to use on-chip comparator of STM32-Nucleo board G474RE in my application, the sensed voltage could go negative, the general operating conditions table (page 84) in the datasheet (Datasheet - STM32G474xB STM32G474xC STM32G474xE - Arm® Co...

WKhan.2 by Associate II
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