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Resolved! STM32F030 + ili9486 Color Problem [SOLVED]

Hello Everyone!Couple days ago, I tried to interface STM32F030R8T6 dev. board with TFT display like on the picture with ILI9486 driver.One year ago, I interfaced the same TFT with FPGA de board and everything was fine.With STM32 I tried to interface ...

0693W00000HoSrkQAF.jpg 0693W00000HoSsiQAF.jpg 0693W00000HoSuZQAV.jpg 0693W00000HoSvXQAV.jpg
USolar by Associate III
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STM32L073 I2C not sending 9th clock pulse

Hi,I have an STM32L073 communicating with an IS31FL3246 LED driver over I2C. Occasionally the MCU will not send the 9th clock pulse and therefore locks the bus. (As shown in the picture the analog signal has a valid waveform without much noise)Before...

0693W00000NqEtpQAF.png 0693W00000NqEu4QAF.png
GBohlin by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L476: Interfacing with ADS7142

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this.I am trying to read data from a ADS7142 in manual mode dual channel-single ended.Communication with the chip works just fine, but when the time comes to read the data, it only returns zeroesSetup:HAL_Sta...

Ubus99 by Associate III
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I can't complete the download and debug of my STM32F401 Nucleo-64 MCU on IAR on Windows 11 because i get the following error "Failed the search for probes, ensure that the USB drivers are installed".

I have found that under the windows 11 control panel the ST-Link driver is not correctly recognized. Please see the attached picture about this. There were no problems of this sort on windows 10, it only occured on windows 11. I tried to reinstall th...

GParr.1 by Associate II
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STM32F4 Simulator mode violation error !

hello , I have this problem when im using simulator mode , when i run through my code , first its stepping through in a very vague manner , also its giving me this on the command line error 65 : access violation at 0x40023C00 : no 'read' permissioner...

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Oahme.1 by Associate III
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