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CPU halted during flash erase opertaion

I am facing CPU halt during flash erase opertaion, so i chosen RAM linker script "STM32F769NIHX_RAM.ld" to enable code execute from RAM. Now the code and data section of my software is purely working from RAM (no fash access required) but CPU is halt...

sm.4 by Associate
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Resolved! Which model in an ibis model file should I use?

Currently I am trying to use ibis model for simulation. I found ibis model file provided by STMicro and try to use them. But I could not figure out which model pointed by model selector I should use. For example, there are 24 candidates of the model ...

SShir.2 by Associate II
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Cmake issue: Too many levels of symbolic links

Hi all!Currently, I create one project STM32F103 MCU with RTOS by Cmake and I got the issue when I compile the project. That is "Too many levels of symbolic links".My cmake version is 3.22.1.I would like to send you my CMakelists.txt file. Please che...

PTuan.1 by Associate
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Resolved! About Pin function

I would like to do UART communication using nucleo l4r5zi.I would like to do the pin setting, but I do not know how to do that.​Please let me ask the following two questions here.1.Is my understanding correct that the pin settings for CN7, CN8, CN9 a...

Myasu.1 by Senior
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DfuSe Demo v3.0.6 doesn't flash stm32f722ret6

I was trying to flash stm32f722ret6 via DFU mode. DfuSe Demo typing successful status but firmware doesn't update.But when I download .hex file via ST-LINK a firmware works. What could be the problem?

0693W00000QNm4kQAD.jpg 0693W00000QNm59QAD.jpg
ab.2 by Associate II
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