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STM32F429 Automatically Enables Write Protection

Hello guys,In some of the products we developed with STM32F429, we received the write-protected error I mentioned in the image. I know how to turn off write protection, but I can't figure out how it activates independently. However, there are also ma...


Resolved! KSZ8863RLL (dual PHY) - datasheet typo/error?

Heyho,first of all, I know this is a Microchip product, but their forum is rather dead.And I have seen some people here using the KSZ8863RLL. So please bear with me... I'm currently working on a big and complex PCB including the "dual PHY" KSZ8863RLL...

LCE by Lead III
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STM32H7 periodical TIM triggered SPI transfer w/o DMA?

On a STM32H745ZI-Q - Board I want to create periodical 4-byte SPI transfers  triggered by a timer. So far I got this working the following way:TIM triggers DMADMA initiates the SPI transfer.However, the SPI transfer timing (CS low) has a high jitter ...

MSZB by Associate II
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Can't upload the firmware F405

HI all, I am building a system to control my battery charger.When I power up the system from the DC power supply it work perfectly.But when I power up this with AC power supply it gives below error. What can be the possible error?

Supun_C by Associate
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Resolved! Having Problem with FP-AI-Vision_V3.1.0 counting people

Hello Everyone!I'm facing a problem with all the examples on this package FP-AI-Vision and my LCD only displays noises. I have the board STM32H747I-Disco model MB1248-H747I-D03 and the display MB1166-A09. I realized that in this package doesn't has t...

brunamark by Associate III
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STM32F407 write protected on chip

Hi folks, i have an STM32F407 discovery board. when i measure the voltage across the gpio pins it becomes write protected. after i dumped many codes but no use. i had attached the screenshot with the error code that it's display. i tried to put jum...

0690X000006C6OVQA0.png 0690X000006C6OQQA0.png
Ark1 by Associate II
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Flash corruption and write protection mechanism

Posted on March 25, 2016 at 09:45We are using STM32F405 in our product which is a controller. We have met strange problems reported by our customer but can't reproduce the phenomenon in our lab when taking the controller back from customer. The cont...