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Resolved! Does STM32U5 series supports 1us hardware timer ?

I am looking for maximum timer resolution supported in STM32U5 series MCU's.Basically whether I can configure or use hardware timer as 100us.Any input or documentation on this would be a great help.Thanks!!

NM.1 by Associate II
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Getting elapsed time after stop mode

Hello,I am looking for help. I am using stm32L0. The problem is as follows:ST goes in stop mode for example 5 seconds. After 2 second some interrupt wakes the ST. Then I want go in stop mode for the remaining time which in this case is 3 seconds. Is ...

Frak.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! SIGTRAP on ISR on "bare-metal" STM32F413ZH Nucleo-144

Hi guys, I'm a mechatronics student learning the basics of STM32s in my own time through the excellent series of guides by Vivonomicon. I'm currently learning interrupts, but my program seems to trigger a SIGTRAP fail when the interrupt fire.The code...

JFarr.4 by Associate II
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union type structure memory

I have some old program to migrate to stm32h7. the old program is written by 16 bit mcu. so it is easy to implement union structure and easy to copy structure from memory to another; however, in stm32h7, this is 32 bit mcu, so memory size is 32 bit, ...

Virtual EEPROM for F0

Hello,Please be patient, I am quite new to this. So, I would like to implement a virtual EEPROM for my F042k6 mcu, i saw that there is the but it only seems to cover STM32G0 Series, STM32G4 S...

retro by Associate III
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TIM CC1 register is always zero in input capture mode.

I try to recreate this tutorial: use STM32H747I-DISCO board instead. It's configured to generate 25kHz test signal. Main clock is set to 400MHz, t...

0693W00000QKlGeQAL.png 0693W00000QKlH3QAL.png
HTD by Senior III
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Resolved! SPI6 using BDMA Tx not working

I am trying to make SPI6 work with BDMA I see that transfer completion flag set in BMA ISR but SPI registers i don't see EOT bit set. I don't see any data coming from MOSI line of SPI6. Please help me know what is going wrong. There is no error set i...

SHebb.1 by Associate II
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