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48 kHz 32 bit sampling on STM32F769DI

I've used pizza and beer's code ( for a 48 kHz in out CODEC routine on a STM32F769DI board successfully. My issue is that the incoming data in memory needs shifting before I can convert it to a floa...

IWhit.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC external quartz drive level impact

Hi,I have questions about drive level impact on RTC configuration.I'm using a STM32U575, with a 32kHz quartz as LSE for my RTC.Transconductance of my quartz is 1,5µA/V, and drive level is 1.0µW max.I'm using medium high for my drive level, according ...

I2.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! set timer to interrupt every 500ns(2MHZ)

I am using stm32F103RE with 72mhz timer clock for using timer 1. I set prescalor to 0 and ARR to 35 to make 2MHZ timer interrupt.(72/36=2) to check it I use a variable and add it every 2,000,000 like the code below...I expect it to be added every 1s ...

Zakba.1 by Senior
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STM32H750VBT6 ADC 4 channels using DMA

I am using stm32h750vbt6 for 4 channels adc conversion using dma, unable to do so. I have done it in stm32f407 but couldn't implement in this controller. The buffer that ive assigned to dma always says zero. I am using stm32cubemx to generate code an...

Zain by Associate II
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Resolved! "No STM32 target found"

Hello everybody.I use the STM32F746G-DISCO board. I checked all LCD operations using TouchGFX, but at some point, nothing appears on the LCD screen even when I connect USB to the computer.When connecting using STM32CubeProgrammer, only the phrase "No...

DKim.35 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7 Memory Overlap with External QSPI

I have a QSPI Flash connected to the STM32H70 and it's all been terrific until I realised I can't address the FLASH's (a W95Qxx with 8M) full capacity with my current settings...How can I (or is it even possible to) change the memory address of the e...

STM32L5 lockup, Pulling nRST to GND does not reset

STM32L562I have the IWDG set up to fire 4 seconds if no HAL_IWDG_Refresh(&hiwdg) is executed.Very occasionally, a lockup condition occurs.But the STM32 does not reset.Moreover, grounding the nRST pin does not reset the STM32Scoping the nRST pin, i ca...

MLint.1 by Associate II
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